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This is a fun project. Presently I am using the Bull Dog model 6002 Pro system which works very well. I do think the Key FOB remote looks rather cheap though and so I may replace this alarm. I do not think another, better looking remote will work with this alarm. If anyone has information about this, please let me know.

The launcher I made uses the PDR-1 actuator from Dakota Digital. I bought all the parts separately and put it together myself. This involved running new wires from under the T-top to inside the relay compartment. There already exists an extra wire in each door that runs from the door to the T-top, where it unfortunately ends.

DeLorean Parts North West has a complete system, they call it their "Wings-A-Loft" system and they have figured out a way to use one of the ground wires that are already in the doors and already go into the passenger compartment. This eliminates the need to run extra wires and remove the T-top! Great going guys!

My launchers work great and I am always surprised that I have not seen any other DeLoreans with launchers at any of the get togethers I have been to. (The noted exception is that I believe Rob Grady has launchers on his green car but I have only seen him use them once.)

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